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We help B2B companies generate more qualified leads, to fill their pipeline, and ultimately grow revenue.

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/ How We Can Help

We understand how difficult it is to maximise a B2B website’s potential.

To correctly target your ideal customer and deliver a steady stream of high-quality leads that your sales team love.

To help, we share our knowledge of marketing B2B websites with other brands that need an extra pair of hands in-house. Saving you time and giving you instant access to a team of experts to help grow your business.

/ What We Do


From defining your digital strategy, to creating personas, or firming up your positioning. We can help you pick the right direction. Ensuring you swim with the current and not against it.


You have a clear definition of who your target customer is, it's time to convert them. We can help your website generate more qualified leads. Filling your pipeline and generating more revenue.

B2B Web Design


It's time to scale up! With pinpoint customer targeting and a high-converting website, it's time to generate some demand. Amplifying your offering to as many prospects as possible.

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/ Who We Are

Based in Brixton, Spaced is a specialist B2B marketing agency. Focussing on the FinTech, SaaS, and Tech industries.

We couple this industry-specific knowledge with our technical know-how and passion for building and growing websites. We get out of bed in the morning because we want to be the best possible marketers we can.

Hanson UK B2B, SEO

An award-nominated B2B SEO campaign that achieved an 83% increase in enquiries and a 750% increase in gross profit

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/ What They Say About Us

We partnered with Spaced to broaden our development capacity. We have collaborated with them directly and even across multiple partners and have always had a smooth delivery process.

Gyles Marshall: Head of Commercial at Rawnet