/ About Us

Picking an agency to work with is a big decision. Here's a bit more about us to see who you'd be working with...

Launching in Brixton circa 2018, the Spaced Digital team is close-knit. It helps support our technical know-how and passion for marketing websites.

Our team is hungry to learn about the latest technology, and how we can implement this for clients.

We care about your business and we care about your success. We want to create work that we can all be proud of.


/ Our Core Values

Promise what you will deliver. Deliver what you will promise.

Live up to expectations… every customer, every time, everywhere. Our words lose their power when we don’t deliver what we promise. Give them your word and deliver on this.

No matter how serious the mission, remember to have fun.

During Apollo 14’s mission to the moon, Alan Shepard tee’d off and hit golf balls. Why? Well, why not. Remember… no matter how serious the mission, remember to have fun.

It’s not rocket science.

All communication is jargon-free and we share our knowledge in an approachable way. Leave the acronyms at the door. No customer or teammate should feel insecure by or have to decipher your message.

Value is in the eye of the customer.

Not just our customers, but the client’s customers too. The value we give to our clients is the value we can provide to their customers. Everything we do is geared towards improving the customer experience.

Care for the Earth and each other.

All of this is pointless if we don’t take care of these both. We will never work on a project that we feel contributes negatively to our planet, or to our own well-being.

Different orbits around one body.

Like the planets in our solar system, we're all in our own unique orbit. They come in different shapes but they all gravitate around one central body. Add your own flare but remember these core values.

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/ Our Ideal Client

We work with marketing teams at B2B companies that want to take their website to the next level.

With 15 employees plus, our clients share our values and are driven to improve. We help them reach their business’s goals.


/ Our Passion Projects

Bitesize B2B Marketing provides easy-to-digest tips to help B2B companies optimise and improve their marketing.

You can watch past episodes of the live show on LinkedIn and listen on Spotify.

And our newsletter goes out on LinkedIn bi-weekly.


/ What They Say About Us

Spaced Digital are the only WordPress experts we would entrust...and we’re excited about what the future holds as we continue working together.

Sam Pascoe: Executive Director of Product & Operations at Poppins