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Market-leading content that helps solve your dream customer's problems, whilst moving them down your sales funnel.

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Consistent content creation, which results in high-quality leads, is one of the hardest parts of B2B marketing.

It takes a long time to research and produce B2B content that not only gets traffic but also converts.

Many companies waste time and budget by producing the wrong content. Or, they create it to tick a box. And it ends up lacking personality.

To help with this, our B2B content marketing framework produces market-leading content that gets you in front of your dream customer and generates leads. Ultimately growing revenue.

/ Our Approach to B2B Content Marketing

Target Dream Customers

The key to any B2B campaign is knowing your dream customer. We’ll create a clear profile of who we're targeting.

Solve Real Problems

Content with a purpose, to help your dream customer solve their problems and move them further down the funnel.


Ultimately, the campaign needs to be generating you a steady stream of new leads to grow your business.


Our own in-house SEO team ensures that any content created has the best chance of ranking in the search results.

Consistent Tone of Voice

Any content created will align with your brand’s tone of voice and messaging. Like it was written by one of your team.

Regular Schedule

Consistently producing high-quality content to get your customer's attention, taking the pressure off your team.

/ Our Proven B2B Content Marketing Process

A well-oiled B2B content marketing machine, to ensure you're getting in front of your dream customer to help them solve problems.
  • / Stage 1. Research
  • / Stage 2. Define Goals
  • / Stage 3. Content Audit
  • / Stage 4. Content Strategy
  • / Stage 5. Content Creation
  • / Stage 6. Nurture Content
Before we begin, we work with you to truly understand who your dream customer is. Using our Pain Point Positioning™ framework, we learn about their pain points. As well as diving into your business, your processes and products, and how you uniquely solve your customer's problems.

All of this ensures our content marketing campaigns get off on the best foot and that we produce content to solve problems. Not to tick boxes.
Working together, we'll create goals that we can work towards throughout the campaign. Detailing what success looks like and ensuring everyone on the team knows. Giving us a common goal and a benchmark to refer back to during the campaign.
It's highly likely that you've been producing content already, this stage sees us carry out a full audit of that. Seeing if there are any quick wins to be gained by improving, merging, or removing content.

This is especially important when it comes to SEO. We'll remove any low-quality content that could be impacting your ranking positions.
Based on the dream customer research, as well as our own keyword and competitor research, we'll create a content marketing strategy. Tailored to your company and your dream customer, we'll ensure that the content created over the coming months maps out to different stages of the funnel. Helping to transition users into leads and on to paying customers.
With our own team of designers and copywriters, this stage sees us execute the content strategy. Ensuring the content produced is on brand, matches your tone of voice, and gets your customer's attention.
Content needs to be nurtured. You can't hit publish and leave it alone forever. Over time, best practices in your industry may change so content needs to be updated to reflect this. Or, you may update your own processes. Either way, Google wants the most relevant content in their search results and nurturing your content, by making timely updates, is the best way to do that.
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