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We help B2Bs increase website conversions and improve ROI, through data-driven PPC management.

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We understand how difficult it is to increase the number of visitors coming to your site. Especially targeted visitors that are likely to convert into customers.

By utilising paid search, we help B2Bs in the tech, SaaS and FinTech space gain visibility at the top of the search results – quickly, for a focussed set of keywords.

Helping you to build awareness, generate qualified leads, fill your pipeline, and ultimately grow revenue.

/ Our Approach to B2B PPC

Quality Over Quantity

We love big metrics just as much as the next agency. But when it comes to quantity, this is never at the cost of quality.


The key to any marketing campaign is knowing your ICP. We'll work together to get a clear profile of who we're targeting and the problems we'll solve.

Smart UX Design

With a team of in-house UX designers, a large part of our campaigns is optimising your landing pages so they consistently convert high-quality leads.

Conversions >

A big focus for us is conversions. Ultimately, the campaign needs to be generating you a steady stream of new leads to grow your business.

High Quality Scores

Writing persuasive creative that drives traffic to relevant pages, helping to lower your Cost Per Click by increasing your Quality Score.

Continuous Improvement

A customised monthly report where we focus on incremental gains quarter after quarter to help you achieve and clearly see an ROI.

/ Our Proven B2B PPC Process

A tailored approach, covering the three key areas of PPC, to help B2Bs lower their CPA and gain larger returns.
  • / Stage 1. Audit + Research
  • / Stage 2. Define Goals
  • / Stage 3. Landing Page Optimisation
  • / Stage 4. Launch Ads
  • / Stage 5. Continuous Improvement
Before we begin, we run a comprehensive audit and carry out keyword research. This allows us to build a list of keywords to bid on throughout the campaign. Using industry-specific tools, we can identify the best keywords to target, ones that we feel will bring the best return. And we can begin to understand who your customer is and how they search online.
Working together, we will define goals that we can work towards throughout the campaign. Meaningful KPIs that we can look to improve, like Cost per Click (CPC), or Cost per Acquisition (CPA). During the audit, we review your site to make sure there’s a clear point of conversion that we can track. If not, we can work with your team or our developers to create one. By tracking conversions, we can see what keywords are driving the best results and refine these over time.
You could have the most persuasive adverts with a high click-through rate, but, if this traffic goes to unoptimised landing pages, you're wasting money. With our own in-house team of UX designers and developers, we give all of our clients suggestions on how to build landing pages that maximise conversions.
With a list of keywords and information about your target customer, we can begin crafting the adverts. Including key phrases and eye-catching titles, these ads will get potential customers to click on your result over the competition. We’ll include site links, call extensions, and other features to help maximise conversions. Before we launch the ads, we’ll show them to you for review and approval.
The ads are live, now the hard work begins! On a monthly, weekly, and daily basis our team will analyse and optimise your campaign. The will include removing underperforming keywords, adding negative keywords to stop ad spend being wasted, and other tactics to improve your Google Ads Quality Score. Each month, we will provide you with a report that shows you the number of conversions (vs. the previous months) and a list of tasks we carried out as optimisations.
Blundstone eCommerce, SEO

A 200% increase in revenue and a 76% increase in conversion rate after we migrated Blundstone away from Magento over to Shopify. Whilst reducing their ongoing dev costs in the process.

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