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An award-nominated B2B SEO campaign that achieved an 83% increase in enquiries and a 750% increase in gross profit

/ Houston, we have a problem

Put simply, Hanson wanted more traffic to their website. They ranked well on Google for brand terms and had a strong brand name in the market. But they wanted more new businesses to find them on Google for concrete-related keywords and get in contact with their sales team.

However, Hanson faced a couple of challenges…

First off, the website had some major technical issues. With a large website to which many employees have access, the site had morphed over the years and picked up a lot of issues.

Secondly, they were missing key bits of content. Not every service they offered had a page, and Hanson lacked informational, top of funnel content to help users who didn’t know exactly what they needed yet e.g. learning the differences between concrete codes.

In short, they had major technical SEO issues and lacked direction with their content.

  • / Our services
  • Technical SEO
  • On-Page SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • UX Optimisations

/ Our mission plan

Our aim was to increase awareness and drive traffic to concrete pages at different stages of the funnel. To help educate buyers along the decision making process and then convert them on optimised service pages.

Before we did any work, even though we were focussing on one part of the site, we had to fix the technical issues on the whole site. We carried out our 200+ point technical SEO audit and offered recommendations to Hanson’s development team to implement.

After this work was completed, we moved on to creating content. The initial keyword research uncovered:

  • service-related keywords (e.g. “ready-mixed concrete”; “coloured concrete”);
  • information keywords (e.g. “ready mix concrete calculator”);
  • local keywords (e.g.”ready-mix concrete london”);

Our aim was to produce content at all stages of the funnel to help guide customers through the process of buying concrete. So all of the pages above needed to be created or updated on the site.

Finally, we carried out a UX audit to see what sticking points customers had when trying to get in touch with Hanson. From this, we simplified the pages, improved the CTAs, added FAQs, and internally linked to important pages.

/ Results

In the 12 months following the launch of the campaign, we saw some amazing results. With an increase of 83% for inquiries on the website, this lead to a 750% increase in profit for Hanson UK.

Based on a strong foundation, the site continues to rank for those keywords, as well as new keywords weekly. And this campaign was nominated for a UK Digital Growth Award.

Increase in profit


Increase in enquiries


Award nomination