Doubling a FinTech's organic conversion rate, post-website redesign.

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If done incorrectly, a website redesign will cause a drop in organic traffic. The authority from the old site needs to carry over to the new. This makes the SEO migration an essential task, to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Monneo was working with a partner agency, fst, redesigning their brand identity. And one part of this was a new website design.

It was a great time for us to clean up the content on their blog and to optimise their key service pages. This would help to avoid any confusion when Google crawls the site, deciding what pages to rank.

SEO-wise, Monneo ranked well for some target keywords: “virtual iban provider” (1st) and “virtual iban” (3rd). And to keep traffic coming to the site, it was important that these keyword ranking positions remained the same, with no drops.

The SEO migration had to go perfectly, otherwise, Monneo would see their traffic decrease and ultimately revenue too.

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/ Our mission plan

SEO migration

First, we carried out keyword research to see what keywords Monneo were ranking for. This allowed us to track them throughout the SEO campaign.

During the design stage, we consulted with the team at fst, ensuring pages were optimised for search engines and users.

Once the designs had been completed by fst and passed to Monneo, we worked with their dev team to ensure the migration was carried out correctly.

We mapped out all of the URLs on the old website, making sure there were redirects in place to the new URLs on the site. Ensuring Google and Monneo’s customers could find the new pages.

Ongoing SEO work

After auditing the blog and the backlinks pointing to Monneo’s website, we suggested new content ideas for the blog. This cleaned up some low-quality blog posts that were competing with each other. With the remaining content, we optimised this to try and improve the conversion rate.

The most important area that we focused on was updating the introductory text on each page. Refining the messaging and making them more concise. Using shorter sentences and ensuring they directly address the user’s search intent.

Next, we reviewed the CTA’s. Specifically, the text that is located directly next to the buttons.

Following this, we saw some great results…

/ Results

The goal of any SEO migration is to make sure keyword ranking positions and organic traffic don’t decrease.

When comparing the data in the two months before the website launched, with the two months after, we can see some great results.

Monneo’s average ranking positions, their impressions, clicks, and organic traffic all increased when compared to previous periods. The website redesign and SEO migration were successful.

After the additional on-page optimisations were made to the remaining content, Monneo’s organic conversion rate doubled over a 6 month period. From 62 conversions a month, up to 180.


Increase in organic conversions


Search engine impressions


Search engine clicks