A 270% increase in organic traffic for a market-leading B2B client, in the FinTech industry. Helping them to rank for their target keywords in over 36 markets!

/ Houston, we have a problem

MYHSM works in the FinTech industry, they are a Payment HSM as a Service provider. With customers all over the world, they wanted to rank higher for their target keyword “payment hsm” in 36 different markets. Ultimately driving more traffic to their website.

Their domain lacked authority compared to the competition, which isn’t a surprise, they have some big players in their industry! All with domains scoring 60 to 80, where MYHSM had a Domain Rating of 12.

Our development team had built the website, so the technical side was good. However, without increasing the number of backlinks to the website, MYHSM wouldn’t be ranking for their target keyword.

/ Our mission plan

Our plan was simple… create new content for the blog and build links to MYHSM’s website.

We had to compete against domains that had much larger authority so we took a targeted approach with our link building. Keeping it tightly focussed on our target pages, becoming the number one authority on payment HSMs.

Working with websites in the USA, Australia and Asia, we were able to build a backlink profile that signalled to Google that MYHSM is an international business. Helping us to rank in the 36 markets that MYHSM wanted to appear in. Click on the link for a list of tactics we used to form this B2B link building strategy.

And by carrying out technical SEO checks every month, we ensured the website stayed in top condition. Loading quickly for users and all pages could be easily crawled and indexed by Google.

Organic traffic


vs. period before SEO campaign

Avg. ranking position


in 36 markets, from 16th up to 3rd

Domain Rating (DR)


from 8 up to 25