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Working with our partner design agency, fst, we built a Shopify website that helped an Irish brand pivot during COVID, moving their in-person classes online, and allowing them to sell to the world.

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Paintclub’s main focus was events where people of all levels came together to pick up a brush and paint. However, with the pandemic putting a hold on in-person events, they had to move their attention to online classes.

They were using WooCommerce for their eCommerce platform. The site was slow and the user journey unclear. And when a user signed up for a tutorial, there was a lot of manual work that had to be done by their team.

The more sales they made, the more work for their team!

They had success with this setup and the online classes grew in popularity, however, if they wanted to expand further, their technology stack would hold them back.

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/ Our mission plan

The team’s aim was to move Paintclub over to Shopify and automate as much as possible with the website, so when a sale was made for an online class, there was no extra work for the client. Freeing up their time to work on the business and to paint more, of course!

Our partner agency, fst, created a new brand strategy and identity for Paintclub. To give them the tools and brand presence it needed to pursue its mission to make art more accessible all over the world.

This included a 15-page template website design which was then passed to our team to develop.

We custom-built a My Classes area which pulls through the artist’s classes with easy access to their tutorial. After 7 or 30 days of access, depending on their ticket purchase, their access expire and they are prompted to rebook the class.

Each tutorial has a class chat where the artists can upload pictures, talk to each other, and ask questions to Paintclub’s team to help improve their painting.

And with a membership and loyalty programme in place, loyal customers can earn points for purchases and gain access to other benefits.