Pearse Partners

B2B, Development, UI/UX, WordPress

"Stand us apart from every competitor. Make a statement..." The client's brief was clear. Design and develop a website that looks nothing like the competition and appeals to a specific ICP.

/ Houston, we have a problem

Pearse Partners are not your traditional recruitment agency. A young, forward-thinking company that want to be in a league of its own.

However, they had a static, template website which didn’t do their incredible brand justice. And after rapid growth in 2022, with an increased headcount and the addition of new services, their current website needed updating.

Their brief to us was clear… “Stand out from every other competitor”

Armed with this, our team got to work.

  • / User Research
  • / Competitor Research
  • / UX and UI Design
  • / Development

/ Our mission plan

To design and develop a website that looks nothing like the competition. Helping Pearse Partners stand out and to support their continued growth.

The site needed to appeal to a specific ICP and after some initial competitor and user research, our design team got to work. Creating a website that will catch the eye of their dream customer.

The site was developed on WordPress. It uses Bulma for its foundations as well as our own custom JavaScript framework leveraging the WordPress API.

Working alongside two other JavaScript libraries; a combination of Locomotive and GSAP. Both help to bring the site to life with animations and transitions.