[Finished] Charity Puppy Cam

[THE STREAM HAS FINISHED…. but you can still donate]

What’s going on here?! This is what happens when a web agency wants to raise money for charity…

Make a £5 donation using the PayPal button below and our office dog, Pluto, gets a treat. Select your trick from the list, or, you can just donate £2 to support the cause.

Your money will be going to St Mungo’s (more below). And to say thank you, we’ll be matching all donations. So, what are you waiting for, give Pluto his treat!! Select amount:

How it works...

/ 01. You Donate £5
Click the PayPal payment button above and make a donation of one or two Great British Pounds.

/ 02. Pluto Gets a Treat
We get notified in the office, mass celebration ensues, and Pluto gets a treat.

/ 03. We Match Donation
And, as a thank you, we will match your donation (up to £500 in total across all donations).

/ 04. 💰 Goes To Charity
We'll then pass all the donations onto St Mungo's who are fighting homelessness.