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We understand how tricky it is for dentists to improve their SEO. You’re busy running a practice, and there’s an ever-changing minefield of SEO advice out there which you don’t have the time to navigate.

We know.. because we’ve been there!

Our aim is to give you a better understanding of SEO and for you to know exactly where your money is being spent.

We feel this transparent process works best for everyone involved.

Before we run through our process in more detail, we take a look at what SEO is… 

Firstly, what is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) involves moving your practice’s website up the search engine ranking positions. You don’t directly pay Google to be there – that’s pay-per-click (PPC).

With dental SEO, you naturally move up the rankings with certain techniques. That’s why it is often referred to as organic or natural search.

Google takes into account over 200 ranking factors when deciding how high up the rankings your website should appear.

And it’s the same for the dentistry industry, these 200+ ranking factors can be broadly split into 3 areas:

On-site dental SEO

The main goal here is to put keywords in the right place, and to ensure you have relevant content on your website.

Technical dental SEO

The main goal here is to ensure Google and users can find and read your website. And that the site is quick for customers to use.

Off-site dental SEO

The main goal is to grow your website’s authority. The more authoritative, the better you’ll rank for keywords.

Our aim is to increase traffic to your website for a targeted group of patients whilst you focus on delivering treatments and running your practice. Here’s our proven dental SEO process…

When it comes to doing SEO for dental websites, many agencies and consultants want you to think they have a black box of secrets given to them by Google. But it’s not like that with us…

Our dental SEO process is out in the open for you to see. A proven workflow that any dentist can follow.

It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach but a tailored approach to give you the best possible chance of outranking dental practices in your area.


1. Schedule a call

2. Tailored plan

3. Learning

4. Fixing

5. Building

6. Promoting

Some of the tasks we carry out for our clients…

SEO competitor analysis

We have years of experience ranking dental websites on Google but every time we get a new client, we carry out a competitor analysis. Because what works in one city, might not work in another.

We look at the top websites in your area and compare them to your domain. Allowing us to see what is working for your competitors and use this to shape our SEO strategy.

Keyword Research

One of the most important steps, keyword research allows us to see the most searched for treatments in your area. Not only this, we look at the difficulty of each keyword.

This allows us to target keywords that will generate your practice the most revenue. Regularly bringing in new patients each month.

Technical Audit

The technology used to build modern websites has advanced, a lot. And the same can be said for search engines. With these technological advancements, things have become complex.

With our 200+ point checklist, we analyse all of the key aspects of your website. We look at page speed, mobile usability, search engine accessibility, content, links and more!

On-Page Optimisations

Every page on your website should deliver an experience that’s tailored to the keywords we’re targeting. Is the patient expecting before and after pictures or a list of treatment prices.

We will analyse each keyword independently and offer tailored suggestions. These optimisations will give the pages on your website the best chance of ranking for dental keywords.

Content Briefs

With a list of the most searched for keywords, we need to update and create new pages. These could be treatment pages, the homepage, or a blog post page.

We analyse the top search results in your area for a specific keyword to see what Google is favouring.

The brief highlights what keywords and sections need to be included on your page based on this analysis. And this will give you the best chance of ranking.

Content Creation

You are the experts in dentistry, we’re not. We’ll stick to SEO and provide you with a detailed content brief that any dentist can then ‘fill in the gaps’.

Once it’s written, we’ll then provide our SEO-expertise again. Ensuring the page is optimised and includes all of the relevant keywords including internal links to other pages to support the hub and spoke model of content categorisation. Team work at its best!

Link Prospecting

With a number of dental SEO clients, we know what works when it comes to link building. We have an extensive list of high-quality websites, relevant to dentistry that we can call upon.

After in-depth research into how key competitors are building links, we will add these targets to your personalised outreach tracker. Here we highlight all of the websites we plan to reach out to and all of the links built so far.


Now we have a list of prospective dental-related websites to gain links from, it’s time to reach out to them. We will send personalised emails to the target website pitching your practice.

It’s as simple as creating value for the website we’re contacting. This could be your expert opinion, a guest post for their website, or a great piece of content that they need to share with their audience.

All of our dental clients benefit from…

A designated project manager

When a project has a designated lead, there is accountability. This means you won’t email a generic “help” address or speak to a different person each time – you’ll have a designated project manager.

Offices in London

Based in Brixton, we’ve worked with clients all across the UK. Our team has the option to work remotely and all of our project managers regularly work out of our head office in London. If you’d like to pop in for a cup of tea, be our guest!

SEO tools suite

We subscribe to a range of SEO tools. Our clients are added to the tools, allowing us to analyse their website. Errors, issues and problems are flagged and we can ensure their website is running at maximum capacity.

Monthly SEO reporting

You’ll be given access to your own custom-built Google Data Studio report. Utilising Google Analytics and Google Search Console data, we outline your campaign’s progress, traffic and revenue levels, and your keyword growth.

Here’s our latest dental SEO case study

After London, Manchester is the 2nd most competitive city in the UK for dental SEO.

When The Vallance Dental Centre approached us to help them increase the traffic coming to their website, we knew this would be a challenge.

Click here to read our case study about how we managed a 74% increase in website traffic. Helping them rank on page one for dental-related keywords like “braces manchester”, “dentures manchester”, and “teeth whitening manchester”.


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