Increase brand awareness and grow your website’s authority by gaining coverage on websites with large audiences.

Outreach involves pitching your offering to 3rd party websites – using their audience to amplify your message. Your offering could be a piece of content, an event, or even your product or service. Every website should be reaching out to 3rd party websites in some capacity in order to build their authority.

The goals and aims of your campaign will influence the best approach. However, there is a clear process to outreach that is similar no matter what you want to achieve.

Why it’s important?

Google ranks authoritative websites higher in the search results. One key indicator of authority is how many websites link to your site. If people are talking about your product or service, Google will reward your website.

Outreach allows you to do exactly that. Generate a buzz whilst also gaining a backlink in the process. The long-term SEO benefit of gaining a link is complemented by the instant increase in referral traffic the moment the link goes live.

The goals and aims of your campaign will influence the best approach. However, there is a clear process to outreach that is similar no matter what you want to achieve.

1. Researching your target audience

You may know your target audience. You may not. Either way, we need to research how your audience consumes media online. Do they read blogs? Do they hang around on forums? This will influence step number 3 – the offering that we will look to create.

It’s important we find out what’s popular in your industry. What’s been done before? What did well? What can we do that’s different?

2. Vetting and compiling a list of target websites

Once we know where your audience lives online, we’ll compile a list of target websites. In the eyes of Google, not all websites are created equally. This means we must vet and only select websites that will have the most impact.

There are many factors we take into account but a good target must have:

  • A strong domain authority
  • Content on the site relevant to your industry/niche
  • An audience relevant to yours
  • An active audience
  • An editorially high standard of content

3. Creating an offering

This is one of the most important steps. Without a strong offering, you’re facing an uphill struggle. Your offering could be anything – a blog post, your product/service or an event. What we do here is create something that will make other websites want to link to you.

It needs to be newsworthy, shareable and unique – something that gets people talking. It will be based on the initial market research and it’ll appeal to your target audience as well as the websites identified in step 2.

4. Communication

This step is the “outreach”. We build relationships with the key influencers at each website identified in step 2. We handle all of the communication from start to finish. It’s important that the websites link to you in the correct way because this can have a big impact on the results.

A link to your site can be “follow” or “nofollow” – nofollow links do not influence ranking positions. Therefore, we aim to get a “follow” links from all of the targets.

5. Review and analysis

Throughout the campaign, we’ll react to feedback from the targets. But, at the end, it’s also important to provide you with a detailed review. We’ll compile a report outlining what worked and what could help improve future campaigns. This will provide you with a nice document to show key stakeholders in your business the impact of the campaign.

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