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We know how painful it is to learn SEO.. because we’ve been there!

Our aim is give you a better understanding of SEO as we improve your website’s rankings. So you know exactly where your money is being spent.


There’s such a wealth of information out there it’s hard to know where to begin.

Emails asking you to buy links, people promising you the number one ranking position, and countless blog posts showing you new tactics.

Before we jump into how we can help, let’s see exactly what Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is.


Here’s a quick introduction to SEO…

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) involves moving your website up a search engine’s ranking positions. You don’t directly pay Google to be there – that’s PPC. In SEO, you naturally move up the rankings with certain techniques. That’s why it is often referred to as organic or natural search.

There are over 200 moving parts you need to be aware of when optimising your website. And the goalposts keep moving as Google’s constantly updating their algorithm. And, to top it all off, the majority of their ranking factors are a secret.

Google’s 200+ ranking factors can be broadly split into 3 areas. And your SEO strategy must target all 3:

On-Site SEO

The main goal here is to put keywords in the right place, and to ensure you have relevant content on your website.

Technical SEO

The main goal here is to ensure Google and users can find and read your website. And that the site is quick for customers to use.

Off-Site SEO

The main goal is to grow your website’s authority. The more authoritative, the better you’ll rank for keywords.

Our proven SEO process

Many SEO agencies and consultants want you to think they have a secret formula.

A black box to game the search engines and rise up the rankings. But it’s not like that.

Here’s our transparent SEO process, out in the open for you to see. A proven workflow that any website can follow. 

It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach but a tailored approach to give you the best possible chance of outranking your competition.

Stage 1. Learning

This is where we carry out the bulk of the research… Your competition, your previous SEO efforts, your current website traffic, its site structure, and your content. We’ll formulate a plan for the coming months to improve your website and increase organic traffic.

Stage 2. Improving

Using the information we have uncovered in the learning stage, we improve the website to ensure it has the best possible chance of ranking. You need a good foundation to build upon and this is where we lay that.

Stage 3. Building

After any important fixes have been made to your website, we’ll begin the building phase. Here new content will be created to target new keywords. This could be a new product or service page, or a content page that dives into the benefits of your product or service.

Stage 4. Promoting

Once the website has been optimised and new content has been created, the promoting stage can begin. Our aim is to get people talking about your brand and your content. The main aspect of this is building links to your website to increase its authority. By doing this, we can rank for more keywords.

Stage 5. Evaluating

Google is constantly making updates to their algorithm, so we need to stay on top of this. The 5th stage is constant analysis and evaluation. We constantly update and change your SEO strategy based on this evaluation stage. Depending on what we find, we may go back to step 2 to improve another page, to step 3 to build more content, or just back to stage 4 to promote your website to gain more links.

SEO case study: 994% increase in traffic

The aim of this campaign was to increase houseUP’s ranking positions for a set of local keywords in order to drive more traffic to their website.

This amazing 994% increase in organic traffic was achieved by carrying out research of houseUP and their competitors, creating key bits of content for the website, and then building links to this content.

No snake oil or a black box of SEO here, just a formula for success that can be applied to most websites! Click here to learn more about this project.

Our Proven SEO Process in Detail…

Stage 1: Learning

This is where we carry out the bulk of the research… about your website, your competitors, and the industry you’re in.

This also helps us identify any urgent issues and it allows us to formulate an initial SEO plan that is based on research.



Before we begin, we need to onboard you as a client. We need access to your platforms and Google products, and we need to ask you a series of questions. These will help us get up to speed on what your business and your website.

Kick Off Report


Your kick off report gives us insights to help formulate a project plan tailored to your website. Allowing us to quickly understand what’s happening. And it will highlight any immediate issues that we need to focus on.

Competitor Analysis


Google ranks websites in certain industries differently. What may work for one of our clients, might not work for you. So one key aspect of the learning phase is analysing the competitive landscape. If we can see what success looks like for your best competitors, it can help shape your SEO strategy.

Website Quality Audit

Search engines reward websites that are of high-quality, they:

  • Satisfy searcher intent with good content.
  • Are structured and coded correctly.
  • Are popular and mentioned online.

The Website Quality Audit analyses all the URLs on your site and provides an SEO action that we need to take to improve that page. This audit will clean up your site and improve performance.

Keyword research [current pages]


We do keyword research in two phases. One for the current pages on your site, and then again for the creation of new pages. For this first stage, we find the search volume of keywords for pages on your site and we map their intent to a stage in the sales funnel. After analysing the search results, we can find out how hard it is to rank for this keyword.

Stage 2: Improving


Using the information we have uncovered in the learning stage, we improve the website to ensure it has the best possible chance of ranking. You need a good foundation to build upon and this is where we lay that.

SEO Technical Audit


The technology used to build modern websites has advanced, a lot. And the same can be said for search engines. With these technological advancements, things have become complex.

With our 200+ point checklist, we analyse all of the key aspects of your website. We look at page speed, mobile usability, search engine accessibility, content, links and more!

Target Page Selection


Our aim here is to segment the website into sections, picking “target pages” based on how much return we can expect. Looking at key metrics relating to each URL on your site such as monthly search volume and how difficult it will be to rank for the target keyword.  Prioritising the website by sections allows us to really focus our efforts and get the best return.

On-Page Optimisations


Every page on your website should deliver an experience that’s tailored to the keywords we’re targeting. Is the user expecting a long-form guide or just a product page? We will analyse each keyword independently and offer tailored suggestions for your pages. These optimisations will give the pages on your website the best chance of ranking.

Stage 3. Building

After any important fixes have been made to your website, we’ll begin the building phase. Here new content will be created to target new keywords. This could be a new product or service page, or a content piece that dives into the benefits of your product or service.

Content Audit


The aim of the content audit is to analyse the performance of your content and then either improve, remove, merge, or update the pages on your website. We will also look to improve the categorisation of your content by using a hub and spoke model. Creating topic clusters that allow Google and users to better understand your content.

Keyword Research [new pages]


Having researched keywords for the current pages on your site, it’s now time to find keywords for new pages. Also known as a keyword gap analysis, our aim is to find relevant keywords that you aren’t targeting yet – the gaps.

We research the leading competitors in your industry to see what keywords they’re ranking for. Then create pages to target these new keywords.

Content Briefs


Now we have a list of new pages that we could build for the website, we need to write content briefs. The top search results for a specific keyword are analysed to see what Google is favouring.

The brief highlights what keywords and sections need to be included on your page based on this analysis. This will give you the best chance of ranking for a certain keyword.

Content Creation


Armed with a detailed content brief, any copywriter can take this information and create a high-ranking page for your website. We ensure that the page is optimised and includes all of the relevant keywords. Making sure the page internally links to other pages to support the hub and spoke model of content categorisation.

Stage 4: Promoting


The more authority your website has, the better it will rank. To build authority, you need to get other websites to write about you and link to your website. We call this a backlink.

Link Prospecting


After in-depth research into how key competitors in your industry are building links, it’s time to create a list of prospects. We’re looking for high-quality websites, relevant to your industry.

We add these targets to your personalised outreach tracker where we highlight all of the websites we plan to reach out to and all of the links built so far.



Now we have a list of prospective websites to gain links from, it’s time to reach out to them. We will send personalised emails to the target website pitching your company. It’s as simple as creating value for the website we’re contacting. This could be your expert opinion, a guest post for their website, or a great piece of content that they need to share with their audience.

Stage 5. Evaluating

One key aspect of our SEO process is evaluating, reviewing, and replanning your strategy as time goes on. Once we have collected data for your website we will be able to see what’s working and what isn’t. We will tailor your strategy further based on this feedback. Here’s how we do that…

Monthly SEO Reporting


You will be given access to your own custom-built Google Data Studio report. Utilising Google Analytics and Google Search Console data, we outline your campaign’s progress, traffic and revenue levels, and your keyword growth. This allows us to gain valuable insights into how well your site is performing. And because we’re transparent, you have full access to this report.

SEO Tools Suite


As an agency, we subscribe to a multitude of SEO tools. All of our clients are added to these tools and this allows us to analyse and stay on top of your website. Errors, issues and problems are flagged by the tools and we can ensure your website is running at maximum capacity.

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