We help brands using Shopify to improve their user experience and increase store revenue by building an optimised website.


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We understand how frustrating it is to have a Shopify store that isn’t running at its full potential… especially when your competitors are! 

Out of the box, Shopify is a powerful eCommerce platform.

But to harness Shopify’s full potential and to beat your competition, it helps to have some guidance on how to optimise your site. 

To help you, we design and develop great looking Shopify websites with the main aim of increasing conversions and revenue.

All of our Shopify websites are…

Custom designed

Each of our websites is custom designed and built to your requirements. If you’re paying for a new website, shouldn’t it improve your business’s results? We get to the heart of what you do and reflect that in the design of the site. We don’t want our websites to all look the same, so we don’t recycle templates. Plus, template sites are no fun for our developers to build!

100% yours to own

Once your site is completed and signed off, you hold the keys. You won’t actually get keys, they’ll be login details, but you get the idea. This means you can update the site without our help. Unlike some agencies, we won’t charge you to make changes to your images and text – you have full ownership.


Google announced that they would be ranking the mobile version of websites. Therefore, if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you won’t be getting any traffic from Google. Over 70% of users in the UK browse the internet using multiple devices. All of our websites are built responsive as standard – meaning they look just as great on a mobile, tablet or your desktop.

Easily editable

We’ll provide you with a login so you can easily customise the content on every page. Being able to easily publish and edit your own content gives you full control over your website. Allowing you to better target customers and search engines alike.


It’s important that your website can be found, so we code all our sites in a way that keeps Google happy. By giving your site a strong technical foundation, you have the best chance of being found by search engines. We have many years of experience with SEO so we can give you the head start you deserve.

Designated project manager

When a project has a designated lead, there is accountability. This means you won’t email a generic “help” address or speak to a different person each time – you’ll have a designated project manager that knows exactly what is going on. They’ll hold your hand from the start up to launch, answering any questions you have along the way.

Our Shopify web design process

Step 1: Flight plan


Step one is to create a plan with your team to ensure we have everything on paper and that everyone is clear on the deliverables.

We’ll talk in more detail about the site requirements and the functionality. And the type of person who will be using the site.

Step 2: Wireframes

To create the most effective user journeys, we create wireframes. These provide a blueprint for the key elements of your website and where they will sit on the page.

At the wireframe stage we don’t take into account fonts, colouring, or branding elements, we only focus on the layout and how your customers will use the website.

Step 3: Design

After building the wireframes, we’ll design the initial look and feel of your website based on any brand guidelines or preferences. At this stage, you’ll need to provide us with images and text for the website.

Once we have sent you the designs, we’ll have a meeting to discuss the look and feel. There is no limit on the amount of design revisions at this stage.

Step 4: Development

Once you are happy with the designs, we develop your website using standards compliant code. The code is search engine friendly and developed in a way that allows pages to load quickly.

Your Shopify website will be mobile friendly, meaning you can use it across all devices – mobile, tablet and computer.

Step 5: Testing

Once we have finished developing the website based on the agreed designs, we’ll begin testing.

We test your website using Browserstack, across all major browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc.) on both iPhone and Android, PC and Mac.

You receive a private URL to review and provide feedback before we launch the site.

Step 6: Launch

Setting a new website live can be complicated. Therefore, we make it as smooth as possible by taking care of everything.

From removing the old site and replacing it with the new, to owning the hosting process with our partner so you don’t have to learn the technical jargon.

Our previous missions

Blundstone Boots

A design refresh, a platform migration, and an SEO migration… this project posed many challenges.

Due to high, ongoing development costs, the client wanted to migrate from Magento to Shopify. This isn’t an easy task because the platforms are very different.

We migrated the content, the products, and updated the design of the site before carrying out an SEO migration. Ensuring everyone who used the old site could find the new website.

You can click here to see the website.


Jessica de Lotz 

A redesign for a high-end jewellery brand that was using a mishmash of Wix and Shopify, creating a disjointed user experience and many admin headaches for their team.

They gained control of their website again when we moved everything into Shopify, where the team could manage it all in one place.

We overhauled the front-end of the site, bringing the personalisation of the products front and centre, highlighting their uniqueness.

Click here to see the website.


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