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Trusted by leading agencies to build websites for their clients.

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/ Shopify / Wordpress / HTML / CSS / JavaScript

Don’t have in-house development capacity or experience?

Take on bigger & better clients. We’ll focus on building websites that make them happy.

/ How We Can Work Together

Open Partnership

We're in the meetings, offering advice and guidance. Your client knows about us and we tackle the project together.

Development Only

White label dev work in its truest form. You design, we build. We'll still chip in with our thoughts but you deal with your client.

Your Best Kept Secret

NDAs have been signed, it's like we're not here! Your hidden dev team, building websites for you to take the credit.

/ Our Process


Clients submit tickets to your
agency branded board


Our developers see tickets
instantly and review


We come up with creative
solutions & answers


You review our ideas and
present them to your clients


We build it and your agency
gets the credit

/ Our Offering

Precision and experience where it matters
  • / Wordpress and Shopify expertise
  • / Well-designed codebases
  • / Hands-on Figma/PSD/XD-to-website transformations
  • / SEO success baked-in
  • / Pixel-perfect builds
  • / Blistering Google Lighthouse performance scores
  • / Re-platforming wizards
For years, we’ve built high-converting, bespoke WordPress and Shopify projects for eCommerce shops, businesses and agencies. Spaced knows how to maximise CMS value with security, accessibility and hosting—so you can focus on the creative. We’ll even handle launch day.
When’s the last time you learnt about development best practices from a white label? We only use expert-level specialists. So you’ll always get readable, optimised codebases that scale easily. You shouldn’t have to overhaul your client’s frontend code every time the digital landscape shifts. Futureproof your next project.
We’re [insert your favourite design tool here]-friendly. From Figma to Photoshop to XD. We don’t just transform design specs into websites. We’ll work within your design process to help you refine ideas from the start—commenting, tweaking and creating as much as you like.
Every agency claims to be an SEO specialist until you ask for their track record. We don’t need to say much. But we did increase houseUp’s organic traffic by 994%. Let us spend time worrying about backlinks and keywords. We can make “the boring stuff” quite spectacular.
Don’t play Slack message ping-pong with your dev team. We translate designs into websites—flawlessly. And we’ll always let you know if there’s a better solution. Don’t forget… We’ve spent years designing websites. Sometimes creatives should work with creatives.
If it looks great but doesn’t run… You really haven’t won. Our projects consistently hit 80-90% performance on Lighthouse because we tightly minify and bundle everything.
There’s a reason people flock to WordPress and Shopify… And we don’t just talk the talk. In 2018, we redesigned and re-platformed Blundstone from Magento to Shopify—increasing their revenue by 202% and conversion rate by 76%.

Think about how much faster you could grow with a secret team of UK developers that make you look good.

What if you could lock down project requirements in only a few emails? What if work was prioritised and client feedback handled for you?

With a dedicated PM and a team of trusted WordPress & Shopify developers, you could be sharing your expertise with more clients.

Don’t want to share credits? Perfect. We’re happy being your behind-the-scenes muscle. And yes, we sign NDAs.

fst B2B, Development, WordPress

Developing websites for a strategy-led design agency, helping to bring their client’s web designs to life.

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/ What They Say About Us

We partnered with Spaced to broaden our development capacity. We have collaborated with them directly and even across multiple partners and have always had a smooth delivery process. I would thoroughly recommend to other agencies looking to broaden their stack into WordPress and Shopify, or just add an extra development hub to manage their workload.

Gyles Marshall: Head of Commercial at RawNet

/ Stop Holding Your Agency’s Hand

You shouldn’t only get what you ask for. A great white-label agency should help with your ideas—even if you haven’t had them yet.

We’re not just developers. Spaced are a close-knit team as creative and hungry as you are. We’ll work with you from the design phase to delivery, sharing knowledge we spent years learning.

/ Meet Your Team




Lead Project Manager


Lead SEO


Lead Designer


Lead Developer

/ Next Steps

Start offering effective in-house development today.

Work with a UK-based white-label team that sees client feedback the moment you do—and knows what to do with it. Keep clients happy with instant answers at your fingertips.